16 January 2015

What can you do to fight for nutrition?

Yesterday I participated in a Twitterchat organised by 1000 Days, with Asthma Lateef from Bread for the World Institute and Werner Schultink at UNICEF.  

It was a fun Twitter frenzy and in the course of the chat I put out 10 stream of consciousness tweets about what anyone can do to fight for nutrition's place at the table in the post 2015 sustainable development framework.  Here they are.  What would you have tweeted?

Everyone reading these tweets: do something to make sure nutrition does not miss the #SDG boat

1. write to your elected representative about #malnutrition
2. write blogs about #malnutrition
3. tell your friends and family about #malnutrition
4. tell your faith leaders about #malnutrition
5. give money and time to fantastic NGOs working on #malnutrition
6. talk to your journalist friends about #malnutrition. write letters to your favourite newspapers
7. tell your local businesses about #malnutrition if they serve junk to kids--tell them.
8. take courses on #malnutrition. Tell your professors about it
9. work for fabulous organisations like @thousanddays @unicef @breadinstitute @SavetheChildren @Oxfam @ifpri @concern @WVIndia
10. support @action2015! tweet, RT, MT. Go 2 meetings & rallies..Change is hard. The rewards are great. Do it for nutrition.

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