05 June 2013

Beyond 2014

Readers, soon you will see advertisements for the next Director of IDS.

No, I have not been fired (although there is still time), but IDS Directors can only serve for two 5 year terms, max.  I have been in post for 9 years and have one more on the clock. The search is now in full swing.

I will reflect a bit more on my time at IDS next year (I leave at end June 2014), but I just wanted to encourage you to contact Arabella.Palmer@perrettlaver.com from Perrett Laver, the search consultants, with nominations (self or otherwise).

IDS is a great place to work at and a great place to be Director of (although the photo was taken just before I joined so you can see it has aged me a bit). I have learned an enormous amount about a wide range of issues and have had tremendous fun in the process.

I need to sign off now or else Richard Manning (my Chair) will think I have gone demob happy.

I have already begun my top ten lists.....more later.


Anonymous said...

Lawrence, I am sure you will be much missed but I hope there are plenty more thoughts and observations heading onto this site before you depart.

Lawrence Haddad said...

Thanks. Yes at least 100 blogs to go!