10 June 2013

Nutrition 4 Growth: Country Driven Financial Commitments

Yesterday I focused on the donor nutrition pledges.

Today it is the country-driven pledges.

This took longer as there were 22 of them to sift and look at.

The table here summarises the most overtly financial parts of the Government pledges.

  • 22 countries pledged, 18 of which are from Sub Saharan Africa: Fantastic
  • Other countries that pledged: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Yemen--Great
  • India and Pakistan not present: Why?
  • There were especially impressive concrete pledges to increase spending in 10 countries: Ethiopia, Guinea Republic, Liberia, Malawi (the inspiring Joyce Banda in the picture), Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Yemen, Zambia and Zimbabwe
  • The countries with the most concrete pledges tend to rank in the bottom half of the Nutrition Commitment Index (the nutrition component of HANCI), which suggests the global momentum and country momentum are moving in tandem


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