18 December 2014

New Paper from UN SCN: 10 Nutrition Indicators for the SDGs

The Standing Committee on Nutrition just released a useful new paper with recommendations for nutrition indicators to be embedded into the SDGs. 

They recommend the inclusion of:

1. The 6 WHA indicators

2. Two diet diversity indicators: minimum diet diversity (6-23 month old children) and minimum diet diversity for women of reproductive age
3. Adult overweight and obesity rates
4. Government spending on nutrition

I really like these 10 indicators.  They include the 8 I had suggested in my blog earlier this week, plus minimum diet diversity for infants and young children and government spending on nutrition. 

The indicators meet scientific credibility standards (do they measure what we think is most important?), have political legitimacy (e.g. the WHA indicators) and are measurable (although we currently do not have many data points for government spending, as the Global Nutrition Report notes, we could). 

What do others think?

The quicker we reach a consensus the quicker we can organise and influence as one community with one voice.  

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Lawrence Haddad said...

Bowing to pressure to list my top 10 songs of 2014:

1. "Under the Pressure" by The War on Drugs. The GNR soundtrack. Dylan meets The The meets Kurt Vile meets The Cure. Sublime.

2. "Ask Yourself" by Foster the People. "The more I want the less I have". Soundtrack to sustainable development?

3. "Colour Decay" by Junius Meyvant. Iceland pop never sounded so good.

4. "Silver" by Caribou. Mesmerising.

5. "A Place Called Space" by The Juan Maclean. Strangely addictive.

6. "Two Weeks" by FKA Twigs. Longer than we had to do the first draft of the GNR.

7. "Do You" by Spoon. A consistently great band.

8. "How Can you Really?" by Foxygen. Gave up tickets to see them so I could go to the SUN Global Gathering. Dedication.

9. "Fault Lines" by Tom Petty. A rocker from the old rocker.

10. "Monument" by Royksopp and Robyn. Brooding and magnificent.