10 November 2014

ICN2: Time for Leadership -- in Nutrition and in Accountability

Well, the final week's build up for the Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2) has begun.

Panelists are being briefed,  speeches polished, press releases honed, op-eds hawked, social media plans finalised.

But ICN2 is about much more than these rituals, important as they are.

ICN2 is an opportunity for real leadership.

The kind of leadership that is permanent, not just for this week until the next podium comes along.

The kind that challenges conventional wisdom rather than bowing to it.

The kind that is far reaching and wide ranging, not focussed on short term parochial gains.

The kind that inspires as well as informs.

Most importantly it is a chance for leaders to demonstrate their accountability.

How clear will their commitments be?  How supportive will they be of efforts to track those commitments?  And will they be spurred on by assessments of their progress against commitments or will they stick their heads in the sand?

We need our nutrition leaders to be accountability leaders.

The Global Nutrition Report is one contribution to strengthening accountability in the nutrition system.

The Report will be made available on Thursday November 13, at 1400 UK time, on the website.

Further online materials will be available in the days leading up to the Rome launch:

* 193 Nutrition Country Profiles (2 pagers with 80+ indicators)
* 12 Technical Notes on analyses and measurement issues
* 30 or so Panels (shorter versions of some are in the Report, some are not in the Report)
* the detailed Nutrition for Growth (N4G) Tracking Tables that provide the evidence for the N4G assessments

The Report does the following things
  1. Notes the truly global nature of malnutrition--nearly every country has crossed the red line on nutrition
  2. Argues that multiple burdens of undernutrition and overweight/obesity are the "new normal"
  3. Documents global and country progress--who is on course for what and why
  4. Argues for stronger nutrition representation in the SDGs and more ambition on SDG targets for 2030
  5. Makes recommendations on actions to accelerate malnutrition reduction
  6. Evaluates progress on the N4G commitments--who is on course and who is not?
  7. Identifies key data gaps that need to be filled
  8. Makes recommendations on how nutrition accountability can be strengthened
We are presenting at the SUN Global Gathering on November 17 at WFP and formally launching at the ICN2 on Nov 20 at FAO, 18.30-20.00

Further Roundtable events are scheduled (in chronological order)

London (Dec 2), New York (Dec 8), Washington DC (Dec 9), Geneva (Jan), Delhi (Feb 4), Bhubaneswar, Odisha (Feb 6), Addis (Feb 24), Lusaka (Feb 26), Brussels (Feb/March), Mexico City (March 2), Jakarta (March).  More details to follow here

They will be advertised in each location--please watch out for them and we look forward to your participation.


Rabi said...

Thanks Lawrence for the exciting build up to the event. As you have noted, it is important to have accountable nutrition leaders who could provide enabling environment for the pressing issue to be addressed.

It would be nice to see the report unveil on 18th and also looking forward to its dissemination in Feb in India and Odisha.

Unknown said...

This official launch will have the complete report or we will have some supplementary chapters also during country specific launches?

Lawrence Haddad said...

The launch will make all materials available on Nov 20, but will will develop some country specific materials for the country roundtables--together with national partners. Good question. Thanks

Lawrence Haddad said...

Rabinarayan, thanks! See you in Delhi or Bhubaneswar?