16 September 2014

Global Nutrition Report 2014 - Update

If I have been quiet on the blog front these past few months, it has been because we have been working hard on the first Global Nutrition Report.

We have now completed a draft that is ready for copyediting and formatting.  It has been through 4 versions, has received countless sets of excellent comments from a wide range of stakeholders (no doubt many of you reading this) and has involved interaction with a wide range of authors (there are over 40 panels and 80 panel authors).

The outputs include:

  • The Report (print and online)
  • 40 longer Panels (online)
  • 3 longer Technical Notes (online)
  • 193 Nutrition Country Profiles (online)
  • Powerpoints with key messages
  • A 4 page Issue Brief

We are also working on a summary article for the Lancet.

The launch of the Report will be at the Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2) in Rome on November 19-20.

We will be using the Report to initiate a number of roundtables in Belgium, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Latin America, Senegal, Switzerland, US, and the UK.  They will take place between December and March.

I just wanted to acknowledge the broader nutrition community's contribution.  You have been generous with your ideas, energy, time, and constructive criticism.  Thank you.

We also have an amazing Independent Expert Group and an immense Secretariat team at IDS and IFPRI. The former determined the content, shape and flow of the Report and assured its quality and the latter did much of the analysis and writing. I would like to thank both groups.  Finally, our Stakeholder Group (including 7 funders) also deserves a lot of thanks--they have been tremendously supportive and encouraging.

Anyway, enough of that, no rest for the wicked--work on the 2015 Report starts soon!

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