25 April 2014

New Director Blog from Melissa Leach at IDS

Folks, here is the new IDS Director Blog from Melissa Leach, Transforming Development.

"I start my new role as Director of IDS at a time when development and development studies landscapes are shifting fast. In my new blog, I hope to offer some personal reflections on this ‘transforming development’, in all its variety.
My first reflection, is that we should stop thinking of major development challenges as ‘north-south’ matters. The traditional framework of official development assistance and aid flows from OECD countries to the ‘global south’ remains vital to channel money and resources to some of the most vulnerable people and places. That aid flows have held up in countries like the UK even amidst the austerity cuts of the last few years is to be applauded. DFID now focuses its aid on just 26 of what are deemed the lowest income, most fragile states. And perhaps this is right, if we are talking simply about ‘bangs for poverty reduction bucks.’ But in a multi-polar world, development policy and co-operation, and the ways we think about it, have to be much more than this. Several events over the last month have driven this home. ......  "

Great title, great design and great content.  Join it immediately!   I have.

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