14 November 2013

Indian Growth: For Whom and For What?

I will be travelling to Delhi to participate in a PRIA-IDS panel seminar on:

Indian Economic Growth: For Whom and For What?

An election is coming up in India, and with economic growth still relatively strong the disconnects between human wellbeing outcomes and growth become even more striking.

The panel will pick up on some of the themes highlighted by the recent exchanges between Sen, Dreze, Bhagwati, Dasgupta and Panagariya on India's "Arrested Development".

Issues include:
  • Why is growth not translating through to poverty reduction?
  • Is growth doing too much damage to the environment?
  • What is the politics behind those features of growth?
  • What to do to change those trends?
  • What would the trade-offs be?
The panel includes Isher Judge Ahluwalia, Biraj Patnaik and Santhosh Mathew, chaired by Rajesh Tandon, President of PRIA and Trustee of IDS.

The event is on November 27 at the Habitat Centre.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Vanessa Borrino (v.borrino@ids.ac.uk) to check on availability.

See you there!

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