30 July 2013

No, I have not been fired...

As you know, the position of Director of IDS is being advertised, for a July 2014 start.

And I am making a list of the reasons that make it to me, via friends and colleagues, about why I am leaving.

These are the three I hear most often.

1. He was fired.   Well, no surprising phone calls from my Board, although there is time...

2. He is going to be the new Executive Director of the World Food Programme.   They have an excellent ED in Ertharin Cousin who has only been in post a year, and in any case, that job sounds way too difficult

3. He is going to apply for the Head of Global Studies at the University of Sussex.  The University is wonderful, but the words "frying pan" and "fire" come to mind

I can tell I am going to have an interesting year.

The reason I am leaving now is that IDS' constitution limits Directors to a maximum of 10 years and 2014 will be, um, 10 years.

We sometimes call people in this position lame ducks or a busted flush.  I prefer (for obvious reasons) the analogy to the android played by Rutger Hauer in Bladerunner: the research director-machine raging against the dimming of the light.

Will keep you updated on any new oddities this final year at IDS throws up...


Jane Sherman said...

Well, wherever you go, I do hope you keep up your blog, Lawrence! Have had such fun reading it.

Jane Sherman

Anonymous said...

its difficult reading blogs written by scientists because they make something simple sound technical. But in simplifying your words, adding some humour, you have made the issue of development simpler..one of my favourite pieces will be the one on 'hunger games' my colleagues now follow your blog because the last time I shared one of your stories with them I was told bluntly that they are now subscribed. Anyway, IDS policy on tenure sounds like that of many other international research organizations. I wish you the best in your last year as Director and keep up the good work. MA Glob01 2009 Alumni.

camilla toulmin director iied said...

Wish you stretch out to 15 years. You've been a great and inspiring friend & colleague! Camilla (what! still at iied??)