02 May 2013

Nutrition Fixers, Pledgers and Champions Wanted

We are 5 weeks away from the London Nutrition Event on June 8 co-hosted by DFID and Children's Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF). The fixing and horsetrading on pledging funds is happening right now--within and between bilaterals, within Governments, between bilaterals and Foundations--you name it.

Decisions on hundreds of millions of dollars get made in this period, so please put pressure on your contacts in positions of power to Champion Nutrition. 

What kinds of increases in spending? If preventing malnutrition really can prevent 45% of child deaths under 5 and can increase GDP by 11%, then we should be pushing for increases in direct nutrition spend from 0.3% of ODA (about $400m) to at least 1% ($1.4bn) and for doubling of indirect spend on nutrition from about $4bn to $8bn. 

See here for a short paper I prepared in collaboration with CIFF which tries to make the case for nutrition.

On nutrition champions, watch out for a new Prize for the unsung heroes of nutrition, organised by Transform Nutrition, a DFID supported research consortium that is led by IFPRI (Stuart Gillespie is the CEO) with IDS as one of the partners. 

Finally, note that places for the Transforming Nutrition Summer School (July 15-19 at IDS in Brighton) are nearly full. There is still time to apply, but hurry! 

Since announcing the course Purnima Menon and I are delighted that Anna Lartey, the incoming President of the International Union of Nutrition Sciences, will co-lead the programme with us. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Lawremce, thanks for this. Is it possible to get to your short paper somewhere else? On that link you can only get the first page. Many thanks Hannah

Lawrence Haddad said...

Hannah, I just checked it and it is working fine for me.

email me and I will send you a pdf. l.haddad@ids.ac.uk


Anonymous said...

Hi Lawrence,
Great piece! Thank you. Where can I get your back ground paper with the full references to the statistics mentioned in the report?
Lucy Sullivan

קידום אורגני said...

Thanks it was fun to read this post

Lawrence Haddad said...

Lucy, it is on the next post...best

vkonnect said...

Hi Lawrence,
Its a very good stuff you have put into this website.keep doing this!