26 April 2011

The FAO candidates speak: what do you think?

Last week José Graziano da Silva, one of the FAO DG candidates (and the third to directly respond to the original blog), kindly emailed me to let me know that FAO has now posted the 4 page statements that each of the 6 shortlisted canidates for Director General presented to FAO members last week.

See the Guardian's Poverty Matters Blog for my assessment of their statements.

Please read the statements and share your own assessments--the FAO Council needs all the input it can get.


Gabor Meszaros said...

technical comment: when you link to the Guardian blog use the direct link to your post, not the general one to the main page. In a few month time the FAO post will be buried with more recent ones, and the reader will be confused what s/he should search for...

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