25 February 2011

FAO DG Candidate Replies!

Over on the Guardian's Poverty Matters blog, one of the FAO's DG candidates has replied to my blog.

Dr. Mohamad Saeed Noori Naeini from Iran takes me to task. My response to him is below his contribution in the comments. Check it out.

Maybe more candidates will respond and we can get a debate going.


Gabor Meszaros said...

Thank you for highlighting the discussion on the Guardian page. It was very interesting. The only problem is that now it says: "Comments on this page are now closed"

Is there (will be?) any follow up page, or this is the end of discussion with FAO DGs ?

lawrence haddad said...

Nope, I will keep this alive. Next stage is to write to the candidates (an open letter)...I suspect the DFID Multilateral Aid review will give this added urgency. I will ask the Guardian to keep the comments open.

Lawrence said...

Dear Gbaor, the Guardian have just opened the comments site again...so comment away!