09 November 2009

Commitment Technology

If you have not seen the new HungerFree scorecard report from ActionAid, then I suggest you check it out. Why? It is the first report that rates countries -- rich and poor -- on their commitment to reducing hunger. What do they spend on sustainable agriculture and social protection, do they have laws on the right to food and do they uphold them?

The index ranks Brazil, China, Ghana, Vietnam and Malawi as the top 5 countries with a commitment to reducing hunger, with India at 22. Luxembourg, Finland, Ireland, Norway and Denmark and Sweden are the top donor countries.

This index is a good start, but needs to be (a) more fine grained and ground truthed, (b) expanded to multinationals, multilaterals and large NGOs and (c) evaluated to see if it has been used by civil society and the media or whether it has changed anyone one's behaviour. We hope to work with ActionAid on the next version.

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