22 May 2015

Stunting? Not a LoL matter

Today I gave a talk on malnutrition at my daughter's school.  An audience of ninety 14 year olds.  Scary.

I spent quite a lot of time on the presentation (here).

(Apologies to those whose infographics I stole. I was particularly shameless is stealing Generation Nutrition's We Can End It logo, which I love).

Key takeaways:

1.  Preparing for an audience of 14 year olds is a great exercise in communication. 

Not to say I nailed it, but the kids seemed engaged, did not throw anything at me and  did not giggle once. I had to use really plain English (Utilise, Food Security, Social Protection?  Waaay too complex.).  I just about got away with "stunting" although my daughter warned me it means practical joking (with accompanying LoLs) in their world.

2.  Infographics are great for this kind of audience.

BUT, there is no central repository of info graphics, categorised, for us all to use AND there are some pretty terrible infographics out there as well as the good.

3.  Katy Perry helped out.  (Actually 2 of her videos for UNICEF did.)  

Her videos were great--kept the kids' attention and had great messages (her leveraging of the spotlight on her for the kids, unconditional love for the kids from the communities despite their deprivation, and the first hand viewing of the conditions that convinced her to work with UNICEF).

4.  The Power of Nutrition video is great.  

I used this too.  It is very nice--simple without being simplistic.  It is also great because while it promotes the Power of Nutrition initiative it also deliberately promotes the power of nutrition, period.

5.  14 year olds can ask great questions. 

How is climate change affecting malnutrition?  Does preventing malnutrition increase population growth?  How long does it take to treat a malnourished child?  What do you do after the first 1000 days?

So, if you ever get a chance to communicate to a group of children, do it.

And my daughter?  She said she was proud.  Melt.

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