01 December 2014

Who's On Course to Meet their N4G Commitments? And Who is Not?

The 2014 Global Nutrition Report sticks it's neck out and makes assessments of whether the 100 or so Nutrition for Growth 2013 signatories are meeting their publicly stated commitments to nutrition (financial and non financial).

The Tables from the report are pasted in below.

You can find them in Chapter 8 of the Report. If you want to see the actual commitments made and the progress reported against the commitments, see the detailed tracking tables here.  You may use them to disagree with the assessment we made.

The good news is that of the 168 commitments made by the 100 or so organisations, 43% are on course with only 9% off course.

The less good news is that in 37% of the cases it was not possible to determine if the responses were on or off course either because the commitments were vague or the responses were (or both).

Only 11% of the commitments were not reported on.

The assessments were made independently by 2 of the writing team, and then reviewed jointly, and then reviewed jointly again.

The assessment threw up some key points:

* some organisations had made heroic commitments and fallen just short which others had made weak commitments and exceeded them.  The former got an off course while the latter an on course. This does not feel satisfactory.

* a substantial minority of commitments were made by someone  in the organisation who is not longer in that role and with the subsequent institutional knowledge about the commitment being vague and unclear.

* given the small numbers of organisations in each group, the on course/off course proportions are broadly similar across groups.

We are going to try to make the whole process more streamlined and automated next time around.

We also figure that the organisations will understand the stakes a little better for 2015 which will lead to some of them requiring a little less nagging!


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