19 May 2013

Nutrition Champion Awards: Nominations Open

Readers, we know how important leadership is in the efforts to fight undernutrition: leadership to bring different sectors together, to work with communities, to make nutrition someone's responsibility, to raise funds, to publish data, to make a fuss if commitment is not forthcoming, to find solutions, to change behaviour etc.

So I am pleased to note that the Transform Nutrition Research Programme Consortium in support of the efforts of the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement are inviting nominations to recognise any individual who has had significant success in transforming thinking or action on nutrition, at national or local (e.g. provincial or district) levels.

Make your nominations here. Nominations close June 30.

They are looking for the “unsung heroes” of nutrition – individuals who are innovating or influencing and whose work has started to making a real difference in their locality in recent years for improved nutrition. This includes :
  • by influencing the government, local authorities or an organisation to take nutrition on board as a development priority
  • by improving the quality and/or scale of nutrition programmes or interventions,
  • by effectively promoting nutritional considerations within other sectors e.g. agriculture, social protection, water and sanitation
  • by influencing the formulation or implementation of policies or strategies so as to benefit nutrition
  • by building consent and/or coalitions within the national or local nutrition community around a clear and consistent agenda for change
  • by mobilizing communities and/or supporting women to play an active role in influencing and participating in the policies, programs and actions required to scale up nutrition.


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Good question, I would like to see all the real action instead of ranting

Custom designs said...

Congrats to the team that came up with the idea for these nominations. You have a bread and butter idea here- it should be standard to recognize people who are making an impact.

That would encourage more people who are working behind the scenes. That's cool. I have a few people in mind but none of them are for working just with food. I have a saying for when I'm cooking something new. I use "Anyone can cook" from Ratatouille.

I think the awards for nutrition are a good idea and I hope that more people are able to see what the sector have to offer as a result of the nomination.