30 July 2012

The first IDS Transforming Nutrition Summer School

Wow. What an intense week the Transforming Nutrition: Ideas, Policy and Outcomes course was. But what a privilege--talking about nutrition for 5 days straight with a great group of participants, convenors and guest speakers. It was a lot of fun.

We went through patterns of undernutrition, the causes, consequences, and interventions (direct, agriculture, social protection, women's empowerment and water, sanitation and hygiene and then strategies and tools for building commitment and securing resources.

Then we finally worked though a different challenge identified by each of the 4 country teams represented among the participants (Nigeria, Odisha, Ethiopia and Guatemala)--strategies they will take forwards after the course.  

We had to contend with record heat (no, I'm not kidding) and with a real life example of how double edged the press can be (see here), but neither of these things held us back.

I am exhausted, but energised. I am truly inspired by the extraordinary participants--all champions of nutrition.  But we need more champions. 

We plan to hold this course again next July and we will advertise in early 2013. Please consider joining us.  


joodles said...

Where can we read a fuller account of what was discussed, and how, and exactly what your conclusions were?

Lawrence Haddad said...

joodles, the link I provided gives the course outline...

conclusions were related to 4 exercises we wnet through with the country teams

* how to scale up CMAM in Odisha
* how to get agricultur emor enutrition sensitive in Ethiopia
* how to mobilse domestic resoruces for nutrition in Nigeria
* how to build nutrition into the Zero Hunger movement in Guatemala

you should come next year!

Unknown said...

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