11 December 2010

Measure for Measure

"Measure for Measure" was the title given to the European Development Research Network to their annual conference in Paris last week on assessing impact.

It is interesting that the conference was named after one of Shakespeare's problem plays--one that raised more questions than it answered and one that "leaves us with moral issues which remain ambiguous to the end and because it refuses to be neatly classified."

Neil McCulloch, who heads up the Globalisation Team at IDS attended the Conference. Based on this report perhaps the organisers got the naming just right.


Rebecca Carter said...

I couldn't access the report, is it me or the link?

Lawrence said...

I tried it and got it..



Have another go--if no luck let me know and I will get the tech gurus onto it..best, Lawrence

Lawrence said...

also, Neil is at


if you need a copy of the report emailed to you

Joshua Smith said...

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